It’s important that you have proper waste management in your house. It’s necessary that you get rid of your waste whether with a sewer or a septic tank. Septic Tanks are underground wastewater treatment structure that is used mostly in rural areas that don’t have centralized sewer systems. Basically what the system does is that it keeps all the water in your house runs in one drainage pipe and into a septic tank that is buried below the ground. The wastewater then, with the other waste particle is drained in the soil and it naturally removes harmful bacteria viruses and nutrients.


Here are some of the reasons why you should install a septic tank: 

They can last for years 

In installing a septic tank, you need to consider the longevity of the wastewater system. Septic tanks can last for how many years if it is properly maintained and checked regularly. Most septic tank systems can last twenty until forty years. It’s essential that you hire the professional to regularly check your septic tank. They prevent clogs and other septic tank issues that you will face when you install it. 

They are affordable 

Using a public sewer can be expensive. Installing a septic tank can cost less because you won’t have to spend money after the installation. The cost of installing a septic tank will depend on how big the tank that you’re going to need. And you also have to consider the kind of system that you need and where it is going to be placed. Since the system is going to be buried under the ground, the type and the quality of the soil should be taken into account. 

They are good for the environment 

Using this type of water waste system will reduce the environmental footprint that you’ll be leaving. This is because the system will use the soil’s natural filtering system and you won’t need energy to filter it yourself.  The wastes will be filtered by the soil and then it ends up on the drain field. With the use of septic tanks, it will allow natural and local water to be naturally replenished. With naturally replenished, wildlife, forest trees and overall the environment will benefit from it because it is recycled water. 

They are very easy to maintain 

Maintaining your septic tank is very easy. You can just contact septic tank regulators and let them do their job. But if hiring a professional is too much of a hassle for you, you can do it by yourself. All you need is to keep some records of your system so you will know where you have to inspect and the area where it usually needs to be maintained. The best way to maintain it is to be careful with water softeners because they will cause damage to the system. Also you should avoid pouring fats and oils into your drainage system because it will clog the pipes. Toilet papers, wipes and sanitary napkins shouldn’t be thrown into the toilet because it will take a long time to break down and therefore will cause clogging.