One big problem that you’re going to face when you’re moving to a new place is how to transport all your stuff and your vehicles. Moving your things inside the home is easy to solve because there are loading vans that you can hire or companies that offer moving services.  In the case of your vehicles however, it can be hard to drive your vehicles back and forth. You can transport your vehicles at the same time as your stuff to your new home by towing it. Towing your vehicles can be a great way because it will allow you and your family to ride together with the moving van together. In this way, you can ensure that no belongings of yours gets left behind. There are a lot of towing New Haven services who can do the job.  


Decide what type of trailer you’re going to need 

There are actually two types of trailer that is available for you to hire. The tow dolly and a car carrier. A tow dolly will lift your car in the front and carries it of the road. This can be very low-cost option but the downside is you can only carry one car at a time. This is perfect if you only have one vehicle to carry with you. A car carrier lifts your car completely off the ground and that no wheel can touch the ground. The car carrier can carry multiple vehicles at the same time. This can be a little bit more costly. 

You can determine what trailer you will need by the size, number and the weight of your vehicles. 

Get familiar with the equipment 

Before you load your vehicle and drive away, you need to know how the equipment works. Take time to learn the controls and the proper way to use. Read booklets, pamphlets, and manuals to be able to get to know all the components. 

Load your vehicle 

In loading your vehicle, make sure that it is properly strapped and connected to the moving vehicle. Make sure the ramps that your vehicle is going to pass by. Double check the connection before and after the loading the vehicle. Also be careful in getting out of the car after you load the vehicle.  

Drive carefully when towing 

Before you go and drive, make sure all your lights are operational. Inspect your gas tank and wirings before hitting the road. While on the road, make sure you are driving at a pace wherein you are taking into the account the weight and size of the vehicle that you’re carrying. You can’t over speed with a heavy weight. Reduce your regular driving speed and slow down when you meet curves and bumps. Also, take wider turns because you’re carrying a vehicle and you might collide with other vehicle. 

Unload your vehicle 

Before unloading the vehicle, make sure that the ramps are properly strapped and connected to the moving vehicle. Make sure that the vehicle is positioned strategically wherein it is directly behind it in a straight line and is on a level ground. 

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